VP Mike Pence: Spend More Time In Prayer Than Online

VP says prayer helps cope with unfair criticism

Speaking at the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian religious liberty organization, VP Mike Pence said that he was surprised  by media criticism of his wife’s decision to teach art at a school with devout Christian beliefs. When asked for advice about how to handle criticism he said:  “Number one is spend more time on your knees than on the internet,”. He was referring on the topic of battling critics during in his appearance .

“As a Christian believer, we’re charged to pray for our loved ones but also pray for our enemies. You have lots of opportunities in politics to do that,” the vice president continued. “Forgiveness is a great gift, and my wife and I literally try to work through forgiving people who might speak woefully against us or might mischaracterize who we are and what our family’s all about.”


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