Transhumanism: The Last Battle Against Humanity


Transhumanism is a philosophical, cultural and anthropological current that believes that Homo Sapiens must be extinguished. Elon Musk is developing devices to implant in the human brain in order to perform a symbiosis between the human and technology.


By Álvaro de la Peña –


 Elon Musk investigates with Neuralink the integration of the human brain with new technologies.


Dear reader:


You may have closely followed the ideological battles of the last century. We could talk about the separation of procreation and sex, family, the beginning of human life or the definition of man and woman. All of them battles lost for now in this part of the world that we inhabit thanks to the money of some, the perseverance and secrecy of others and, yes, of the omissions of so many good-hearted people who do not see these movements of social tectonic plates come or, if they are aware of it, they decide to do nothing.

I do not intend to ruin your summer vacation with this letter, but it is true that I feel compelled to share with you something that has been worrying me too much these months. This is the new cultural battle that has been brewing in the spheres of power for some time but is about to explode to the surface and for which some have been preparing for decades without you or I having moved a finger, or Enough fingers

I have not yet deigned to explain what this issue of transhumanism is about. I’m on it.

Transhumanism is a philosophical, cultural and anthropological trend that believes that Homo Sapiens must be extinguished. Yes, the human being as we know it. They intend to supplant it by a superior being, by a hybrid entity between human and technology. We speak of a kind of biotechnological superman, a modern version of what Nietzsche would already propose. Apparently we are too weak and we have to “improve”. The mission of his fervent followers is to take control of our own evolution so that it is not nature that dictates our path. In short, it is but the last way to establish oneself as gods that has been devised by our fellow human beings.

The excuses are varied but range from the disappearance of pain, the control of emotions and moods at all times, the disappearance of diseases (or the selection of those who do not come with “defects”, to explain it plainly and in their language utilitarian), the lengthening of human life, immortality or even the defense of the “species” against the risks of a technology – especially artificial intelligence – more advanced that could be about to reach what they call the “singularity ”, That is, the moment when technology will begin to learn on its own, at which point it will be difficult to control it, according to some.

I do not intend to alarm you, but I do react calmly to this challenge that will surely be the greatest we know as a race

The risks of artificial intelligence (AI) are not new to the scientific community. In fact, personalities of this field such as Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk (we’ll talk about him) and many professors from Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard or MIT, to name the most relevant, signed an open letter back in January 2015 to make a global call for the purpose of science focusing not only on developing AI, but also on controlling it and the collateral damage that this technology could cause to our society.

With this type of letters you have to be very careful, because the intention is always crucial. While I am sure that many of the signatory scientists did it in good faith, hence it gives some importance, it is true that others might have other intentions and I mean, in particular, Elon Musk. Do you remember him, dear reader? Indeed, he is the almighty founder of Tesla. But not only Tesla.  He is also the co-founder of Neuralink, a company that is developing devices to implant in the human brain in order to make a symbiosis between human and technology. It seems science fiction, but a few weeks ago they presented the world with their first product, which they intend to use on a patient before the end of 2020.

It is a chip with thousands of threads of the thickness of a hair that will be introduced into the brain so that direct contact with technology is possible. The wires will connect to the neurons so that an exchange of data (receive and enter) can occur and artifacts can be controlled with the mind. It is intended to apply the technology first in patients with paralysis but as you, reader, will have realized, Mr. Musk is not going to invest his time or money in a technological solution to cure a handful of patients. In fact, in case there was any doubt about it, Mr. Must made it clear.

The ultimate intention of our company is “symbiosis with artificial intelligence”, because even in “the most benign scenario” humans will be “left behind.” Therefore, instead of controlling the development of AI appropriately, what it proposes is full “union with AI”. This is why I doubt Elon Musk’s intentions in signing the now famous open letter.

It seems that by signing it, he focused on the possible dangers that, once verified, will need a technological solution to placate them: the disappearance of the human species as fragile and imperfect. And look at what a coincidence that this solution will come from the same hands that signed the little card and that at the same time the pockets will be filled with refined lobotomies of the 21st century.

I hope to have the opportunity to analyze this issue in more depth in other articles, as there are many edges to discuss. Serve these lines so that at least they get to know this word, something of the utilitarian ideology that is behind it and so that it is thinking what it can do, from its profession or with its abilities, to fight against an elite that with the excuse of defending us of our own technology, aims to end the same human species and its dignity. All this, of course, while trying to preserve animal species that from an evolutionary point of view makes no sense, but this would do much.

I do not intend to alarm you, but I do react calmly to this challenge that will surely be the greatest we know as a race. I still don’t have an adequate response to it.

I hope you continue to enjoy your vacation, if it is your turn, or that the burden is not very heavy, if you are working as you write.

Best regards from your race partner, I hope for a long time.

Alvaro de la Peña

This article is a translation that was first published at Actuall.  You can read the original  piece in this link

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