What Is ”Spiritual Marketing”?

Happy Friday! Tired of Netflix? May I recommend a documentary to you? Watch ”The Persuaders” from Frontline where “Spiritual Marketing” is addressed. In this episode int several former brand managers of some of the major global brands are interviewed presenting an in-depth look at the multibillion-dollar “persuasion industries” of advertising and public relations and how marketers have developed new ways of integrating their messages deeper into the fabric of our lives. Through sophisticated market research methods to better understand consumers and by turning to the little-understood techniques of public relations to make sure their messages come from sources we trust, marketers are crafting messages that resonate with an increasingly cynical public.

Have you ever reflect in the Apple’s logo and its symbolism with the forbidden fruit? What about the ”evangelism departments” who Microsoft made so popular as a model of reference?

Please, share your thoughts?

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