Legal or ethical is there a difference?

By Laura Hiciano

The law is the Rule or norm established by a higher authority to regulate, according to justice, some aspect of social relationships.

Ethics is defined as the part of philosophy that deals with morals and the obligations that men possess, at the same time it is explained that it is a set of moral norms that govern human behavior.

For many people, legal and ethical are the same and although most laws are enacted taking into account ethics, the reality is that Legal and ethical are different things that come from different disciplines. On one hand  legal is everything that comes from the legislation of the country, and that regulates what we are allowed or forbidden to do as citizens in accordance with justice and for the good of society as a whole, ethics is a philosophical discipline  that tells us about good and evil and its relations with the moral and behavior of human beings.

The legal forces us to comply with the rules established in the laws, defining what we are allowed or not to do, while acting within the framework of ethics is a voluntary decision for people. Acting outside the law has consequences that are punishable by penalties according to the seriousness of the violation, while acting without ethics only entails a moral sanction.

Taking into account the differences between the legal and the ethical it is easy to realize that it is very possible that something that is legally permitted, is at the same time ethically inappropriate; that something that the law does not prohibit, from ethics can be considered a reprehensible conduct.

This is the case for example of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who a few months ago was pointed out by a report from the ethics commissioner of having influenced a group of federal prosecutors to benefit a company in a possible corruption trial, Trudeau admitted completely the report , accepted the charges and said he did not regret them using the excuse he had done because he was  defending the Canadian workers.

Regardless of the fact that no fault was legally incurred, it is important to point out that these failures; cause trust to be lost as it creates doubts as to how far an official can go in order to fulfill his objectives.

The question is: Will this fact bring any negative repercussions for the prime minister? , The truth is that probably not, today the perception of what is ethics or not has reached a point where, in the field of politics, people have become accustomed to take as a norm that a candidate could be an unethical politician. We listen to their campaign promises with the firm conviction that they are lies or promises that will not be fulfilled and yet politicians enjoy the support of people and their defense against the criticism of third parties.

If the ethical principles are not taken into account, it is very easy to fall into disrepute, in the loss of confidence, which is finally the main factor that has caused the crisis of values ​​that is lived today.

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