Living in the City? Yes, You Too Can Become More Self-Sustainable

It’s very common to find self-sustainable families and individuals living in the countryside. However, it is absolutely doable to become more self-sustainable no matter where you live. It will only take some time to learn new skills.

Here are our  two cents on becoming more self-sustainable  in the city…starting today!

  • Living in an apartment? No worries! Identify some common areas in your building and invite your neighbors to plant a ”community urban vegetable garden’ (rooftops and balconies are a great start!) Agree with them the type of vegetables to harvest, share responsibilities and start planting! Take into consideration the germination time period and plan your planting around it. There is something so rewarding about enjoying fresh food that you produced. Also, now that the social distance guidelines are starting to get more relax, planning a ”harvest party” sounds like a great idea to reconnect. Make sure to add a grill and some zuchinnis!
  • Learn the art of canning. There are number of reasons to learn how to can your food. Here are just 4: to save money, time, to make money and to know what you are eating. If you spent some kitchen time with your granny you may be familiar with the basics of canning, but if that didn’t happen, check this educational video to start your first batch.

  • Produce more, spend less. Here is a short list of very easy things that you can make yourself: bread, soap, detergent, salad, jelly, dressing, shampoo, creamer, chips, sauces, pickles, butter,  tea, cheese.jars
  • Food preservation. Food preservation goes hand in hand with gardening and canning. When your garden turned into a success, you can try different preserving techniques. Like vegetables, meats can be preserved for healthier and more inexpensive meals. Canning and preserving are skills that may take some time to master, but with a little help from  Seed To Pantry School and Food in Jars, you’ll be a Pro in no time!
  • Get some storage buckets. I remember in my home always having some blue storage buckets. Why should you have it? For collecting water, food storage, for emergencies with the toilet…

Can you think of other ways to be self sustainable while living in the city? Join the conversation!

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