The Awful Truth: Coronavirus COVID-19, The Most Ideological Epidemic In History

Either Coronavirus is a little more than a common flu, much less dangerous, and there is no reason at all to worry or, of course, to be alarmed. Or it is the Black Plague 2.0 that will end civilization as we know it and plunge the entire world into a period of chaos.

It depends. What does it depend on? Well, in principle, of course, who says so, but that’s not too funny; the funny thing is that it depends on where the news is being given. Because if anything can be said with absolute certainty of Wuhan’s germ, it has become the most politicized virus in history.

That alarmists alarm has no greater secret, just as it does not have that cooler minds advocate moderation. The weird thing, what shocked me when I began to read about what COVID-19 could mean is that those who have not been especially characterized by any of these things and that alarmed many who do not usually do so were of no importance. And the answer to the puzzle was, of course, in partisanship.

For example in Spain, we have Ignacio Escolar, also known as Escolar Jr., the director of, affirming on Twitter with the authority that gives him his absolute partisanship: “The smoking mortality rate? 50% “Tobacco kills half of its consumers.” There are seven million deaths every year. This article on the irrational fear of the coronavirus is very interesting: we fear the unknown more than what is lethal. ”

In the case of the United States, see, the Chinese flu is going to decimate the population and cause a debacle because Donald Trump rules. In Spain it is a third class flu that you don’t have to worry about at all because Pedro Sánchez rules

However the World Health Organization seems to be taking it very seriously and has issued an alert, and I read that in China the epidemic has reduced CO2 emissions – you know, that gas that only Greta is able to see and that really It will kill everyone if we do not eat cockroaches and burn the car – in almost one hundred million tons, which is what Chile emits in a whole year. So it is not very well explained.

As it is not explained that in the United States, commentators who think in almost all the things of life like Escolar etc., are in this on the opposite side, that is, warning that a plague of fat people comes to us and that it is not It is alerting the population and we will all die.

And that’s when my slow and rusty brain clicked, and I understood everything. In the United States, see, the Chinese flu is going to decimate the population and cause a debacle because Donald Trump rules. In Spain it is a third flu that you don’t have to worry about at all because Pedro Sánchez rules. More than an epidemic it seems a viral version of Iván Redondo.

In the United States, the presidential elections are just around the corner. The economy is going smooth and Trump’s popularity settles it; the Democrats are considering candidates for which more are insane and thus, of course, impossible. So if this little virus wanted to do us the favor of giving a little fear and that the panic would spread and the stocks would sink and unemployment would rise and, finally, there would be a very bad atmosphere in North America, well, well, it would make them a priceless favor to the progress of the whole world. Nor would he have to kill a lot, or get too much: just enough so that talking busts and commentators could provoke the terror that triggers all that. In war, as in war.

But not here, uh, here we have a progressive government , cooler than an eight, that laughs in our faces because it tastes untouchable even though it hangs on a single vote. And, in those, because a serious health emergency, a real one, would come to us fatal. Those nine million immigrants that the minister of the branch says they have to enter Spain and deprived, because it would be more complicated to bring them, not to mention what the joke was going to cost, that we were going to pay for everything We have reserved to buy wills based on placing friends and raining grants on the cloud of NGOs that only exist precisely for that.

Panic is not good for anyone, really. For the economy it is a real disaster, let’s not say in a country where, in the absence of coveted resources, what it has is beaches and sangria and lives largely from tourism. Because people, among many other things, stop traveling when these things happen.

No, no panic, but … … But I confess that a little apprehension, enough so that the spermic feminist concentration had to be annulled or left in nothing; enough for people to stay more at home and be more theirs, look, I wouldn’t say no.

By Candela Sande, from Spain

Translated it from Actuall. You can read the original piece here.

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