Will The Super Bowl Ads Recover Its Past Glory In 2020?

Don’s want to give you false hopes.

Once upon a time Super Bowl commercials were simply the best of the best. Year after year we used look forward for discussions with friends and colleagues about which brand was the funniest one and which one was the greatest disappointment. No matter what, was about being memorable. and now I just wondering, Why to pay so much money to show a boring, irrelevant, safe spot?

I would say that the downfall started around 20 years ago (it may started earlier, and not that old). However if you are old enough, you know what I’m talking about. However my goal is not give you fake hopes. The one I I’m looking forward to watch Mr. Peanut commercial, Mr. Peanut Dies At 104 To Save Wesley Snipes In Bizarre Super Bowl Ad other than that, Eeeew. Here is a preview of some the ads that will be shown. Please let us known the comments if you find any of them breathtaking.

Walmart: Famous Visitors

Facebook: “Chris Rock Is Ready for Lift Off!”

Audi: “Let It Go”

Squarespace: ”Winona”

Google: “Loretta”

Michelob Ultra

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