France: Massive March For Fatherhood And In Rejection Of Artificial Fertilization (Photos)

France. Thousands of French citizens marched against artificial fertilization for single mothers and homosexual couples, as well as rent bellies. “Freedom, equality, fatherhood”, “Where is dad? It is frozen ”,“ Mother 1, mother 2, where is the parity? ”The banners read”.

A crowd of people, calculated by the organizers of the La Manif Pour Tous platform in several hundred thousand, took to the streets of France on Sunday, January 19 to march in defense of paternity and in rejection of an assisted fertilization law that it is currently being debated in the Senate.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to march against the bioethics bill that includes WFP (assisted fertilization) for single women and for couples of women, and GPA (rental belly),” said a representative of The Manif pour Tous in statements to ACI Press on January 21. “We directly demand the withdrawal of this law,” he added.

The representatives of La Manif pour tous, pro life and pro family platform of France, also said that the main media of the country “have not ignored us at all, but have not wanted to show the true figures” of the participants in the march “and have preferred take the figures of the police, that is 41,000 people ”.

The march involved people from various groups and movements, among young people, the elderly and families. In the midst of a great party atmosphere, participants marched from the Soul Bridge to the Opera Square in Paris.

Some of the slogans that could be heard in the march were “Freedom, equality, fatherhood”, “Where is dad? It’s frozen, “” Mother 1, mother 2, where is the parity? “Or” PMA, GPA, we don’t want that. “

A few days earlier, on January 15, the Archbishop of Paris, Mons. Michel Aupetit, issued the statement “If we shut up, the stones will shout,” cited from the Gospel of St. Luke 19.40.

This article is a translation that first appears at ACI Prensa and Actuall .

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