10 Marketing Gimmicks For Solopreneurs

If you are a solopreneur chances are you know great marketing is key to succeed in this journey. Many starters usually don’t have a big budget and in some cases not even a budget. I have a word for you: Great marketing cost money. However there are a few things that will make you look even if you don’t have a clue of branding. In this post I will be sharing some random gimmicks (branding, pricing, display, communication). Hope you can find it useful.

  1. Create a Brand guideline and stick to it. Does not have to be complex. Create between 5 to 10 rules and respect then. For example your font, sizes, colors, picture styles, etc). There are many tools like Canva that can help you. Once you finish this document, Pass it on to anyone that may work for you any marketing projects (Website, social media, events etc).
  2. Never place your logo more than once in a piece (flyers, business cards, poster etc). It’s much more than esthetics and personal preferences. It gives relevance to your brand. Stick to it until you can afford a Brand developer.
  3. Wording Matters in everything related to communication but in pricing you need to make an extra effort when designing your offers. Classic example: ”two cream cheeses for $3”, will always beat ”one for $1.50”. Be specific. Don’t use confusing language.
  4. Follow Solopreneur .
  5. Don’t follow all the trends, you may get lost. Seriously, is not worthy. Authenticy in Branding is the way to go.
  6. You don’t have to be in ALL the social media.(Plus its very time consuming, you should be doing business) Depending in your field and goals pick the more efficient. (I will write another post about how to decide what social media you should go according to your field).
  7. Start Blogging and/or podcasting consistely. This establish you as an expert.
  8. Participate in fairs and trade shows. This one can be pricey. However, in many cases you can make arrangements with the organizers. (This work wonderfully for extrovert people)
  9. Build a portfolio of your customers. If you are starting, present yourself as success case.
  10. Unpopular opinion. Don’t start selling to your family and friends. This is one is relate it with the old saying  “No prophet is accepted at home”. Regardless of being extrovert or introvert there is an unique boost to your confidence that can only be achieved by pitching and selling to a perfect stranger. 

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