2019 Has Been a Wild Ride For Netflix. Here Is A Chronological List Of Their Backlashes

Dump Netflix: Movie mocks Jesus at most holy time of year, its the most recent

This is worthy of a study case. Either the wave of backlashes that Netflix faced in 2019 is a ‘PT Barnum PR strategy: there is not such thing as bad press kind of thing’ or has been an awful year for Netflix – I’m more in line with the second option. What we could all agree is that this is not usual.

There are many cases where bad press has turned into a marketing opportunity, however 14 backlashes in a row in a matter of weeks? I’m not sure. Here is the list. We would love to listen your inputs.

July 2011

Netflix faces backlash over price changes

September 2016

The Netflix Backlash: Why Hollywood Fears a Content Monopoly

December 2017

They’re watching you… Netflix faces backlash over ‘creepy’ tweet poking fun at viewing habits by sharing VERY detailed data about how many times people watched its Christmas movie

March 2018

Cannes Film Festival bans Netflix films from competition. Also, no more selfies.

May 2018

Obama-Netflix partnership stirs mad backlash, mass cancellations: ‘Will they be paid in pallets of cash?’

March 2019

Netflix Defends Itself Against Oscar Backlash with Powerful Stance

May 2019

Netflix To Continue Filming In GA Despite ‘Heartbeat’ Backlash

Major studios rethink film and TV work in Georgia and other states over anti-abortion laws

June 2019

Netflix Defends Prank Show Starring Stranger Things Actor Following Backlash

Netflix’s re-translation of Neon Genesis Evangelion is drawing backlash for queer erasure

Netflix’s A-List Musical Starring Ariana Grande & Meryl Streep Is Already Causing A Stir

August 2019

Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Special Backlash Explained

October 2019

Netflix Responds To Big Backlash Over 1.5X Viewing Speed Test

Disney Bans Netflix Ads as Streaming’s Marketing Wars Intensify

Nov 2019

Netflix to Amend Series After Getting Backlash

Netflix faces film-maker backlash over playback speed test feature

Netflix’s first Arabic original sparks backlash on home turf

Netflix agrees to change Nazi documentary after backlash

December 2019

‘Gay Jesus’ Movie Sparks Massive Backlash, Petition To Get It Removed

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