Open Letter To The Marketer Next Door

Dear Colleague,

Just for the record, I agree with you. Marketing is one of the most exciting career ever. We will always be the cool people of any business, the rest of the company just need to get over it. ’til this day have never hear of no one who regrets of chosen marketing as their way of living. You’ll be able to use your skills (almost) anywhere, you can create, inspire, help to sell, I get all that.

Now, we also have a great responsibility with the things we approved. I’m not talking about an empty “social responsibility” claim, but about the messages we boost. They help to shape the collective thinking. You know it. I know it.

Before being marketers, we are citizens, sons, daughters, spouses, and parents. Please remember, polls usually tell us what people do, not what they should do (also people lie all the time). Therefore let us not trust those opinions as if they are a sacred book, they are not written with blood. We are using all their relativity, randomness to define the moral compass of next generations, including our sons. Be thoughtful.

Ethics matters in marketing, no matter what the crowd yells. I would you to consider this 11 articles from the Ethic Marketing Manifesto next time you will approved that next campaign:



Any professional, dealing with marketing, through all means of Marketing Mix, must take his job upon himself, putting into practice all technical parameters achieved in the space of his own studies and experiences. Moreover, he must parametrize his own knowlwdge and strategies with the utmost respect of the universally aknowledged ethic, towards customers and market.

Art. 2.

Any professional dealing with marketing has to engage himself in not inducing in the collective unconscious needs which are not essential but could be perceived as real ones by the market.

Art. 3.

Any professional dealing with Marketing must recognize the importance of his own decisional and strategic compliances towards the life of those who could be directly or indirectly conditioned by those tecnical, economic or ethic choices. There can’t be individual choices when responsibilities concern, direcly or indirectly, social or economic needs of a society of any size or culture.

Art. 4.

Any professional dealing with Marketing must get rid of false communicative elements in his own strategies or performances.

Art. 5,

Any professional dealing with Marketing must shift the simple sale of a service to his customer into the sale of a real result, not only perceived but gained through those excellence factors mentioned above.

Art. 6.

Any professional dealing with marketing, in closing a technical technical mission of balance, must provide real, not manipulated data, verifiable through other means of public, private, formal or informal circulation.

Art. 7.

Any professional dealing with Marketing must provide real results and enable customers and market to check them.

Art. 8.

Any professional dealing with Marketing, on making his strategic choices within the CSR and on drawing up social ambiance, must make realistic choices and provide objective and real data.

Art. 9.

Any professional dealing with Marketing and training other professionals must engage himself in teaching his students the ethic principles based on this Manifesto.

Art. 10.

Any professsional dealing with Marketing must realize that all the guide-lines within the Manifesto have to be applied both to single individuals and to groups of persons.

Art. 11.

Any professional dealing with marketing must understand that there are no technical, fianancial or economic limits inside this document, but only the steady will of leading the Marketing profession at a level of excellence such as to be able to get benefit to the customer, without manipulating real values and such perceived by the market through false, unreal, unclear or unverifiable information or communication.

“This manifesto doesnt restrict in any way strategic possibilities by strategists or other professionals of the field, but sets moral parameters grounded on universally aknowledged ethic principles.”

Sharing is caring. Help us spread the word. Ethics matters. Like, comment and share!

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