Why CeliNuNuNu, The Kids’ Clothes Collection By Celine Dion, Is A Big No No No?

Iconic performer, Celine Dion, has made a joint venture with two other designers to create a create a new children’s clothing brand that in their own words “breeds equality and freedom of spirit, serving as a platform for a new humanistic education”.

According to their website:

CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s
minds. Inspire your children to be free and
find their own individuality through clothes.

For the launching, a quite creepy tv commercial was produced where Celine as the main character. Watch the clip below and please let us know you thoughts.

Also don’t miss her interview for CNN where she and business partners go full New World Order talks to explain the creativity behind the brand, starting at 1:49 minute.

I personally find the art direction of the pictures very spooky, but hey! she maybe found out a potential, profitable market of parents who wants their babies to look depressed and scared. Here are some samples of the collection.

How cute! Imagine in that in the room at sleeping time.

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