It’s official! Feminine Mustache is a Thing

Disclaimer: Feel free to insert eye rolled emoji at anytime.

According to the portal CSMillenials Billie, the women’s shaver brand, joined the “Movember” men’s campaign to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer.

Since the brand appeared in the US market, it revolutionized the population by its advertising campaigns that affirm female hair.

The “powerful” message of the campaign claims that women have mustache too; you can watch the spot click in the image below.

So this ‘Movember’ we are going to grow our (old) secret mustache to support the men of our lives. But that doesn’t make it less real. Diffuse and light or dark and bright, there it is.

In the portal, under the fundraising section “our motivation”, team Billie explains:

Newsflash: women have mustaches. We’ve been trained to hide them – wax them, bleach them, shave them – but that doesn’t make them any less real. Fuzzy and faint or dark and dazzling, they’re there. So this Movember, we’re growing out our (formerly) top secret upper lip hair. We’re a brand built for womankind, but we’re thrilled to support the men in our lives – we’re matching 100% of contributions made to our team, up to $50,000.

A little about us: Billie is a women’s shave and body brand that’s on a mission to normalize female body hair and break stigmas. We were the first female razor brand to show body hair with the launch of Project Body Hair last year. We support all of Womankind – shaggy, smooth, or anything in-between.


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