Hungarian government fines Coca-Cola for its LGTB indoctrination campaign

On the occasion of the Budapest Pride in 2019, Coca-Cola decided to create an advertising campaign that promotes gay couples and the LGBT lifestyle, which includes high-risk medical behaviors. As you know, this international beverage company is very committed to the international LGTB agenda and supports the confusion of identity in children by pretending that talking about men and women amounts to being prejudiced. This was defended by the slogan he used for the campaign: azúcar Zero sugar, zero prejudice ‘.

For this reason, and fulfilling its role as defender of the best interests of the child, the Hungarian Government of the Viktor Orbán family decided to fine the soft drinks company for violating the Advertising Law. In addition, from the local consumer protection office in the country, it was requested that “this publicity cease because it is detrimental to the physical, mental, emotional and moral development of children and minors”.

Already in August, family advocates like Boldog Istvan asked through their social networks that their countrymen did not buy those drinks, a message that was highly applauded in a country with an overwhelmingly conservative majority. CitizenGo also launched a petition to eliminate these ads that quickly reached 42,000 subscribers: “There is homosexual advertising on the streets of the city, in places where children can see it. These ads are already common in Western Europe. In our country we can still stop them, “he said.

As can be assumed, the success of these profamily actions in Hungary, which now continue their progress with the fine imposed on the subversive Coca Cola campaign, has unleashed the wrath of the LGTB lobby not only in this country (the homeland of Soros) but in the various groups of the old continent, which are threatened their economic income and their ideological interests.

Coca-Cola clings to its extra-commercial ideological dogmas

Finally, Coca-Cola has been fined 500,000 Hungarian florins, which would correspond to about 1,500 euros, and has reacted stubbornly to justify the use of its products for extra-commercial purposes and of clear social damage, alleging falsely that: « We believe that both heterosexuals and homosexuals have the right to love the people they love […] everyone is free to live happily «. As if the rights of one did not end where the rights of others begin and seeking to crush, in particular, the human rights of minor children to not see their own original identity questioned.

However, even if they do lose money, Coca Cola responded the backlash to the people of Hungary and fines with these outdoors.

Once upon the time brands used to respect their customers.

This article is a translation that originally appeared on Coordinator Nacional ProFamilia Peru.

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