Court Rules University Of Iowa Cannot Force InterVarsity Christian Fellowship To Have Non-Christian Leaders

Religious Liberty 2; Political Correctness 0

Federal judge, Stephanie M. Rose, has ruled that the University of Iowa cannot force its InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter to allow for non-Christian student leaders. The group sued the university after administrators deregistered its local chapter along with a dozen other religious organizations.

The U.S. District Court,  issued a ruling last Friday that allowed for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to continue to choose its leadership based on religious parameters rather than conform to the University’s anti-discrimination policy, known as the Human Rights Policy. The ruling stipulated that the University “may not enforce the University’s Human Rights Policy against InterVarsity based on the content of InterVarsity’s leadership selection policies.”

According to The Christian Post “The RSO Policy, on its face, exempts fraternities and sororities from the Human Rights Policy so they may speak about gender … Some groups, such as Love Works, Zeta Beta Tau, and Pi Kappa Phi, can express their views on religion. This disparate treatment constitutes viewpoint discrimination against InterVarsity.”

Rose drew upon a previous ruling against the University in a lawsuit brought by the Christian student group Business Leaders in Christ.

In February, Rose ruled that the University could not enforce its human rights policy against BLinC when the group did not allow a homosexual student to become a leader due to his opposition to the group’s religious views on marriage and sexuality.

Becket, a religious liberty law firm that helped to represent InterVarsity, celebrated the ruling yet also bemoaned how it was only the most recent litigation of this kind against the University.

“It’s too bad it took twice for the University to learn its lesson,” said Daniel Blomberg, senior counsel at Becket, in a statement released Monday.

“There was no excuse the first time for squashing students’ First Amendment rights. University officials nationwide should now take note that religious discrimination will hit them in the pocketbook.”

Source: The Christian Post

“Campus Tour”by lars hammar is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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