In defense Of Millennials: Why Is Philosophy Still Important?

By Keyla Sweeney

After making jokes, memes, and complaint more than once about the millennial generation, today I will write a post in their defense. One of the often critiques to millennials is that they follow their passions and their hearts, ( yes, this has proved to be dangerous and unwise at points, however passion and heart are not inherently bad things, they are still required to do something well done). They have also been criticized for ”wasting” tuitions and time in college for studying Philosophy as if that is a sin and I found that a bit unfair.

During my first two semesters in college, I remember Philosophy as one of my favorites subjects. It was probably because I had a great professor. He was an interesting blend between philosophical and down to the earth. Every ”philosophical’ thing he taught us, he made sure we will see the practical side in life; after all, as an author said, ” philosophy is just a fancy word for common sense. For example, this professor introduced me to the greek concept of arche. Arche, is a word with primary senses is “beginning”, “origin” ” the first principle or first element” ” the beginning of the beginning”. He was often asking us ” What is the arche of this problem?”, That simple question stick to me and shaped my way of thinking. Until this day, when I face a problem I tend to not resolve it with the immediate ”obvious” solution but to seek for the origin of the problem and try to fix it from there (some coworkers liked it to work with me because of this, others absolutely hate it).

Also, I often read other millennials with majors in Philosophy, who are some of my favorite theologians and bloggers. They are articulated, can express ideas with clarity and are terrific examples of the classical thinking.

“Philosophy” comes from Greek words meaning “love of wisdom.” It uses the tools of logic and reason to analyze the ways in which humans experience the world, therefore Philosophy is very important and I would add highly enjoyable: Asking hide questions, the noble task of seeking for the truth, searching a little bit farther from the obvious, finding answers and solutions in every thinkable field and discipline. If that is not exciting and need it, I don’t know what it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, those were my Two Cents for this morning!

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Photo “”by Ryan Dickey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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