Lourdes Méndez: «Euthanasia and Palliative Care Are Not The Same Thing: One Eliminates The Pain, The Other, The Sick»

-Spain. For several months Spain has been in an intense debate to approve a law that seeks to decriminalize the euthanasia. The representative of the Parliamentary Group VOX, Lourdes Méndez, has denounced the cynicism surrounding this debate and recalls that this law “has no legal, ethical, political or humanitarian justification.”

“Euthanasia is the answer you want to give to the demographic winter; your only solutions to the birth deficit are immigration and euthanasia,” said Lourdes Méndez, who recalled that human life has a value in itself.

They do apology appealing to compassion. -Lourdes Méndez

Méndez has also denounced that, based on reasons of humanity, the PSOE wants to start up all the machinery of the State at the service of death. “If they wanted to alleviate the pain; if they appeal to the sufferings, if they were reasons of true humanity, they would have brought a palliative care law, because 50% of the patients die in pain because they do not have access to palliative care, ”Méndez lamented. In addition, she has denounced the terrible similarities of socialist appeals to compassion and feelings. “Those same reasons that the representative of the PSOE [Patxi López] claimed, that false humanity … causes vertigo to discover that they are the same as those resorted to in one of the first laws of euthanasia: that of the Third Reich.”

This law seeks to change the mentality of society; Change the culture of life for a culture of death. Subvert the values ​​on which the Constitution is based, ”Méndez has unmasked. “It is the culmination of a dehumanized plan where life is worth nothing. Only because of the corruption of reason this can be called conquest or progress. ”

Source: Actuall

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