No, The Amazon rainforest is not the lung of the planet, nor does it burn exceptionally

It is not that it is not a tragedy the Amazon burning in fire, of course. But it is not “an international crisis”.

Capitalism kills. Or maybe it’s sovereignty. Probably both. We are seeing it in the Amazon, the lung of the planet, which burns in an unprecedented fire because of the greed of the companies that feed the capitalist system and that favors an ultra-rightist of the worst species such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

I din’t say it, beware, not even hundreds of thousands of anonymous social media users, but also world leaders. “Our house burns. Literally, ”wrote French President Emmanuel Macron – popular backup: 22% – in a comment posted on his Twitter account. “The Amazon rainforest – the lungs that produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen – is on fire. It is an international crisis. Members of the G7 summit, let’s discuss this emergency as a priority these two days! ” And he accompanies it with a photo of the devastating fire. Inspiring, don’t you think?

But our Madelman, the man who looks even in the reflection of his shoes, was not going to be left behind taking out a solidary chest: “The lung of the planet burns, the #Amazonia is destroyed, the greatest source of diversity. It is urgent to act. I have offered to the Governments of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina all the material means and the political, logistical and financial support necessary for their extinction. #AmazonasSOS ”. Can you see my tears from there?

It is all so dramatic, so urgent, so simple and clipped that it is almost a shame that nothing that these lords who govern us tell us is true.

Where do I begin? Perhaps the easiest and most obvious: the photo with which the Napoleon of Aliexpress wants to make us aware of the horror. It is a file photo. Its author, Loren McIntyre, died in 2003 with 86 years, which makes it extremely difficult for this summer to be a fire.

Let’s tiptoe over the screw-up of our president, Pedro Sanchez, offering his help to two countries – Argentina and Paraguay – that do not have a centimeter of Amazon rainforest. Because, well, it’s Sanchez, nobody expects anything else from the comic relief of our national scene, president for our many sins.

The lung of the planet. Not at all. It does not produce 20% of the planet’s oxygen. The main source of the Earth’s oxygen, with ample difference, is the marine plankton. In fact, the Amazon rainforest, as anyone who remembers what we were taught in school about plants will have guessed, consumes almost as much oxygen as it produces. It is estimated that the net contribution of the entire Amazon ecosystem to the total oxygen produced on the planet is 6%. Strange lungs are those.

It is not that it is not a tragedy that burns the Amazon, of course. But it is not “an international crisis”, if only because it is not exceptional, neither in space nor in time. In space, the fire that is devouring Central Africa is greater. Why is Africa not an “international crisis”? The solution, later.

Nor is it exceptional in time: NASA, which monitors these fires for years, has already clarified that Amazonian fires – or those of equatorial Africa – are common in the dry season, which coincides with the end of August. Not only is it not the worst the area has suffered in recent years, but it does not even seem to exceed the average.

So? What is the avalanche of emergencies and apocalyptic warnings? There are two reasons, mainly, although they are locked in one. Let’s start with the youngest: Jair Bolsonaro. The president of Brazil is one of the black beasts of global globalism. He has the loathsome nerve to pretend that Brazil is an independent and sovereign state and that their problems are fixed by them. That is why progressives insist on the responsibility of Brazil, and ignore the African fire; or the responsibility of Bolivia, where Evo Morales recently signed decrees authorizing the burning of rainforest in its eastern provinces to free land for cultivation. But we like Evo.

The Amazon is a world heritage site, they insist, more than anything to advance the globalist agenda. What you have in your territory is MY lung, so I have the right to ignore borders and jurisdictions and quietly engage in interference.

Well, that is partly the game of Climate Change, after all: creating a ‘global emergency’ that makes national borders absurd and hateful. But in the face of the Rousseanian fable that claims that our civilization is the cancer of the planet that destroys the pristine places that the natives treated with exquisite respect, burn the jungle – evidently, with less controls or means to avoid a catastrophe – it was the usual practice of many Amazonian tribes to open areas to cultivation.

But, I insist, none of this is really important, at least not as much as that cynicism of our mandamases, willing to resort to the grossest manipulations to justify their tyrannical intentions. The world is representation, the photo is more important than its context. A famished polar bear, a sled over the melted water of Greenland: that is the ‘reality’ that moves, even though the population of polar bears has grown and the ice in Greenland melts the same as every year.

This article in a translation that first appeared at Actuall

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