How To Boost Your Content Writing Skills In 3 Easy Steps

By Keyla Sweeney

Anyone who has ever seat in front of a keyboard to write about anything, knows that writing can be hard. Recently I came back to the blogging arenas and after a long break. I felt pretty out of shape with my skills. For that reason I started looking for inspiration and ideas to help me to reignite my love for writing. So far I have found 3 easy ways that have been helping me lately.

let's write

Here is my Two Cents on improving content writing skills:

  1. Start Journaling. Do you remember your teenager days? When you used to keep a diary (mine was one of those with padlock and  glittered cover) of everything that happen about our days? Journaling is a my first tip for so many reasons! First, it help us to organice ideas chronologically, to be more detailed oriented, it make us think, use our memory, exercise our hands, also it builds self discipline we can go on and on. Doing it in regular basis has a similar effect to go to the gym.
  2. Creativity Grows Under Restraint.  What do I mind by that? I will give you an example. Everytime I ask a contributor, can you write an article for the blog? 99% of the times the article goes to the limbo. However, when I’m specific and ask them: Can you write an article about this topic, focusing in X or Y, the replies are completely different. They get motivated to write. (This is also a great tip to helping our kids to fall in love with writing. Rather than asking them to write about their vacation, next time try this: Can you write about what was best day of your summer? Don’t know how to explain it, but it works.
  3. Always Have Paper And Pen Close to You. If I could only get a dollar for every good idea that popped up my mind and I forgot… In the book of Habakkuk the Lord answered to the prophet saying: write down the vision. I can assure you insights, good tittles, they just pop up trough our days all the time and we just forget about them.

I’m not promising that after following these suggestions it will be come easy peasy, what I’m saying is that it will help you to ignite the spark again.

And what about you? Do you have some tips to share? Will love to hear them.



2 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Content Writing Skills In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Thank you this is great advice. I’m at the keyboard right now, on the edge of uncertainty, wishing I could plunge in so this post has come at just the right time

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